#44 – What’s Your Number?

In Episode 44, Dr. Kirstin Mitchell returns to talk to Dr. Zhana and Joe about the differences between sexual partners reported by men and women. Tune in to find out how sampling, counting and some degree of misreporting play into the vast perceived difference between men and women’s “number.” 


#42 – What Your Sexual Fantasies Say About You

In Episode 42, Dr. Justin Lehmiller returns to talk with Dr. Zhana and Joe about sexual fantasies and what they say about us! Most people have sexual fantasies, and some fantasies are not as rare as you might think. Dr. Lehmiller talks about his new book on sexual fantasies: Tell Me What You Want.


#41 – Sex-Question-Palooza III

In episode 41, Dr. Zhana gives science based answers to listener’s most pressing questions while Joe chimes in with some witty banter and some of his own questions. This week’s episode covered a range of topics including, vaginismus, open relationships, gooning, non surgical penis enhancement, and more!