#38 – WTF is Communal Sexual Motivation?

Welcome back to the Science of Sex Podcast! In the Season 2 premiere, your favorite hosts, Dr. Zhana and Joe talk with Dr. Amy Muise on how being Good, Giving, and Game (GGG) can help you keep the spark alive in long-term relationships. Bonus: Dr. Zhana reveals surprising changes in her outlook on love, relationships, and children after her long and eventful summer travels!


#37 – The Good, The Bad, and Polyamory

In episode 35, Dr. Zhana and Joe talk to Dr. Amy C. Moors about her research on non-monogamy! A lot of research conducted on polyamory in the past has been biased, showing stigma even among researchers. Dr. Moors talks about her study attempting to analyze this bias and why it occurs


#36 – Romantic Side Effects to Birth Control

In episode 36, Dr. Zhana and Joe talk to Dr. Patrick Jern about the romantic side effects of hormonal birth control! We often talk about the physical side effects of hormonal birth control methods but we rarely talk about how the emotional side effects of these hormones can affect relationships. We spoke to Dr, Patrick Jern about his research on birth control!


#35 – Coming Out in America

In episode 36, Dr. Zhana and Joe talk to Dr. Christian Grov about his research on coming out in America and how it might have changed. There is now another layer to coming out and that is coming out as HIV-positive. Due to modern advancements in medicine, an HIV-positive status no longer implies a death sentence, so coming out becomes more complex.


#34 – Keeping the Spark Alive

In episode 34, Dr. Zhana and Joe talk to Dr. Kirstin Mark about how couples can keep desire alive in long-term relationships! Earlier this year, the Journal of Sex Research published a paper that reviewed research from 64 empirical articles all of which tried to answer the question of how to maintain sexual desire in long term relationships.