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#54 – Cocktails Vs. Consent

Do drunk people perceive themselves as capable of providing sexual consent at that moment? How good are they at evaluating their drinking buddies’ levels of drunkenness and ability to consent? Join Dr. Zhana and Joe for this fascinating discussion with Dr. Michelle Drouin in their first episode of 2019.

#53 – Why You’re Doing It Matters

We all know having sex with our romantic partners is good for our relationship and sexual satisfaction. But WHY you’re doing it can make a difference: Some reasons to have sex are better & healthier than other reasons. Optimizing your intimate life is partly about making sure you’re doing “it” for the right reasons, and not doing it for the wrong reasons.  

#52 – Hot for Teacher

What is it about teachers that make them so hot? According to the popular college professor reviewing website, Rate My Professors, it’s more than just looks. But how does their rating system work?

#51 – The World of Pup Play

What is ‘puppy play’? Who are ‘bio-pups’, and why are they so into this? Does this increasingly popular kink activity bear any links to zoophilia or furries? In Episode 51, Dr. Zhana and Joe talk to Dr. Liam Wignall about his research on the fascinating world of ‘pup play’ and the participants in this kink / fetish / BDSM activity.

#50 – 50 Shades of (Trans)Gender

Do you know the difference between sex and gender? Or what it means to be gender nonconformist? How about the definition of non binary? Surprisingly to some, many people do no know the answers to these questions. In Episode 50,  Dr. Zhana and Joe talk to Dr. Seth Pardo about his research on gender non conforming folks who were assigned female at birth. This super educational episode covers a lot about the trans community.