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#54 – Cocktails Vs. Consent

Happy belated New Year! Given that the holiday season is a time when a lot of people consume significant amounts of alcohol AND get frisky while under its influence, we thought we’d kick off 2019 with an episode that ties drinking and sexual consent.

Specifically, how does being intoxicated impact people’s perceptions of their own and their friends’ ability to consent to sex?

In her unusual “naturalistic bar study” (more on that in the podcast), Dr. Michelle Drouin from Purdue University enlisted drunken bar goers and their friends to take a half-hour break from drinking so they can blow into breathalyzers and answer questions about sexual consent!

Her findings and our conversation on just how much alcohol impedes people’s ability to consent, and how our society should deal with this issue is absolutely FASCINATING! Don’t miss it!

About our Guest

Dr. Michelle Drouin is a professor at Purdue University with a PhD in Developmental Psychology from the University of Oxford. She is an internationally-recognized speaker on sexuality, technology, and relationships, including online relationships, social media, and sexting.

Dr. Drouin’s research on sexuality, social media, and mobile phone addiction has attracted international attention, and she regularly does interviews for television, radio, newspapers, and magazines. Her TEDx talk on “Online Love and Infidelity” has more than 150,000 views. Dr. Drouin also serves as an expert witness for sexuality, social media, and online relationship cases.

You can follow Dr. Michelle Drouin on Twitter, here.

You can read the full study discussed in the episode, here.

Monogamy – Is It for Everyone?

That’s the question Dr. Zhana will discuss in her first live event of 2019. Don’t miss it: February 12, 7:30pm, Bar Subject (188 Suffolk street). More info and tickets here.

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