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#5 – Are Millennials more or less sexually permissive than their parents?

Are Millennials really the “hookup generation”?

In this week’s episode, Joe and Dr. Zhana talk to Dr. Brooke Wells, an associate professor and director of the PhD program in Human Sexuality at Widener University, about four of her published studies that reveal surprising information about Millennials’ sexual behaviors and attitudes.

Millennials were shown to more more accepting of premarital and same-sex sexual activity, and they were more likely to engage in same-sex sexual behavior, however, contrary to the popular belief that Millennials are a more sexually liberated generation, these studies show that Millennials are actually even less accepting of extramarital sex compared to previous generations. They also, on average, are more likely to have fewer partners or be entirely sexually inactive and have sex fewer times per year than both Baby Boomers (born 1945-1964) and Generation Xers (born 1965-1981).

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On this episode’s Foreplay, we discuss some good news for the transgender and gender non-binary folks the new California law recognizing Nonbinary as a third gender option on drivers licenses and birth certificates as well as Playboy’s first transgender playmate.

Trans Playmate

California’s third gender law


During Afterglow, we talk about a recent study published by Coventry and Oxford University claiming that having sex at old age can make you more intelligent. Read more here.


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