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#43 – The Other Condom

In Episode 43, Kaci Mial joins Dr. Zhana and Joe to talk about the female condom. Some people (including Joe) don’t even know what a female condom is! But this stops with this episode where we learn a lot more about the female, or internal, condom. Kaci discusses the benefits and differences of the internal condom, compared with the more familiar external condom as well as the limited availability of the condom and the reasons and implications behind that. Tune in to find out!

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About our Guest

Kaci Mial has always been passionate about helping others and making a difference. Kaci recently graduated from the Masters of Human Sexuality Education track at Widener University where she pursued her passion for research, academia, as well as community outreach. As a sexuality educator, Kaci successfully applies a trauma informed, sex-positive, and medically accurate approach to a variety of sexuality presentations at international conferences, agencies, schools, universities, and residential programs. Kaci is currently offering infant massage workshops for parents and caregivers within her community to help facilitate bonding, consent practices, and loving touch. To contact Kaci and to learn more about infant massage, you can visit her website at or follow her on Instagram @kacimial. To read the study discussed in the episode click here.

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