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#42 – What Your Sexual Fantasies Say About You

In Episode 42, Dr. Justin Lehmiller returns to talk with Dr. Zhana and Joe about sexual fantasies and what they say about us!

Most people have sexual fantasies, and some fantasies are not as rare as you might think. What do our fantasies mean? Should we act on them and if so how? Dr. Justin Lehmiller talks about his new book Tell Me What You Want: The Science of Sexual Desire and How It Can Help You Improve Your Sex Life. Listen to find out which are the most common sexual fantasies, how our fantasies differ according to our age, gender and political beliefs, as well as the ways we can normalize sexual fantasies and potentially make them realities. 

About our Guest

Dr. Justin Lehmiller is a social psychologist, Research Fellow at The Kinsey Institute, and author of the new book Tell Me What You Want. Dr. Lehmiller is an award-winning educator and a prolific scholar who has published more than 40 pieces of academic writing to date. Dr. Lehmiller’s research focuses on topics including casual sex, sexual fantasy, sexual health, and friends with benefits. Dr. Lehmiller has run the popular blog Sex and Psychology since 2011 and he is a popular freelance writer, penning columns and op-eds for major publications, including Playboy, USA Today, VICE, Psychology Today, and New York Magazine. He has been named one of 5 “Sexperts” You Need to Follow on Twitter by Men’s Health, and is a go-to expert on sex for several major media outlets.

Visit his website. Or follow him on Instagram @justinjlehmiller or on twitter @JustinLehmiller.

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