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#38 – WTF is Communal Sexual Motivation?

Welcome back to the Science of Sex Podcast!

In the Season 2 premiere, your favorite hosts, Dr. Zhana and Joe talk with Dr. Amy Muise on Communal Sexual Motivation, or CSM.

CSM, or being Good, Giving, and Game (GGG), in a relationship is all about being motivated to be responsive to a partner’s sexual needs or interests. According to Dr. Muise, CSM works as a spectrum, with individuals ranking from high to low. In this episode, find out how CSM can be beneficial to a relationship, the implications of being in a non-monogamous relationship, and how CSM can be related to understanding other needs of one’s partner.

About our Guest

Dr. Amy Muise is an Assistant Professor and Director of the Sexual Health and Relationships (SHaRe) lab at York University. Dr. Muise’s research focuses on how can couples keep the spark alive over time. There are challenges to maintaining a satisfying sex life and relationship—desire and passion often decline as a relationship progresses and partners often have different sexual needs and interests. Dr. Muise investigates the psychological and interpersonal factors that help couples maintain desire and passion over time, have more fulfilling sex lives and relationships, and successfully navigate conflicts of interest or transitional periods in a relationship. Dr. Muise’s research informs how couples can thrive in their relationships, and in turn increase their overall health and well-being. For more information, please visit and follow her and her lab on Facebook and Twitter.

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Dr. Zhana and Joe both discuss their personal lives. Dr. Zhana reveals a surprising new development about her thoughts on love, relationships and children. And, Joe spent his summer trying to “heat it up” in the bedroom.

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