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#20 – What Makes People Gay?

Are there biological factors that contribute to sexual orientation?

The question of whether biology plays a role in determining sexual orientation is heavily debated in the scientific community. While some people believe that sexual orientation is a choice, others disagree and believe that there is significant evidence to suggest that sexual orientation is decided before we’re even born. Studies have concluded that the brains of heterosexual vs homosexual individuals are organized differently. To talk about his research on this subject, Dr. Qazi Rahman joined us to help get to the bottom of this question.

About Our Guest

Dr Qazi Rahman is one of the leading scientists in the psychobiology of sexual orientation. His work explores the evolutionary, genetic, neurodevelopmental, and neurocognitive underpinnings of human sexual orientation and the philosophical implications of this science for broader issues. He is currently a senior lecturer at the Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London, and his book, Born Gay: The Psychobiology of Sex Orientation, lays out his findings.

Unsolicited Dick Pics

According to a survey, only 12% of females have asked a male to send a dick pic. However, unsurprisingly, 46% of women say they have received one nonetheless. The survey also concluded that 44% of men think women find it sexy when they receive a photo of a guy’s junk, but 58% of women think receiving a dick pic is gross. Clearly we have some work to do on communication.


Have you heard of “micro-cheating?” It encompasses a range of behaviors like fantasizing about or feeling attracted to someone other than your partner. According to Dr. Lisa Brateman, an NYC-based Psychotherapist and Relationship Specialist, the vast majority of people in relationships engage in “micro-cheating” and it is completely normal. The definition of micro-cheating varies from couple to couple, and most professionals suggest communicating with your partner about these thoughts and feelings. Who know? Maybe your partner is also attracted to that cute bartender.


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