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#14 – Let’s Talk About Sexts

What do the sexting habits of adults 21 and over look like?

In a recent paper, researchers surveyed a nationally representative sample of almost 6,000 single US adults ages 21+ about their sexting experiences, sending and receiving sexually explicit text messages or photos. Dr. Justin Garcia, from the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University joined us to talk about the study.

About Our Guest

Dr. Justin Garcia is Ruth Halls Associate Professor of Gender Studies and Associate Director for Research and Education at The Kinsey Institute, Indiana University, Bloomington. His research interests focus on the evolutionary and biocultural foundations of variation in monogamy, intimacy, dating, and sex. He has also been a scientific advisor to several industry partners, including K-Y Brand, Teva Women’s Health, WomanCare Global, and the online dating company

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The dating site, Plenty of Fish, released a survey of over 2,000 adults about who their holiday hookups tend to be. Surprisingly, a common response was…the ex. Another popular response was hooking up with a coworker. Read full article here.


A new study out of a University in the Netherlands found that there’s really no such thing as love at first sight. The researchers found that if someone said they’d fallen in love with someone at first sight, it was actually just because they thought the person was SUPER attractive. So maybe we should start calling it infatuation at first sight? Read article discussed here.


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