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#56 – Squirting School

Every time Dr. Zhana teaches about almost any topic, someone asks a question about squirting, often referred to as female ejaculation. It seems like squirting is having a moment right now, with everyone and their mother wanting to know if all vagina-owners can squirt, what the ejaculate is made of, and how to make it…


#55 – Getting the T(estosterone)

Testosterone and oxytocin. Two hormones that have received a lot of media attention (and sales profits): testosterone as a supposed remedy to all that ails men; oxytocin as a supposed intimacy- and trust-inducing machine. But could testosterone have a dark side when it comes to our sex-related decision making? And can all the oxytocin hype stand up to scientific scrutiny? Dr. Zhana and Joe find out by talking to one of the preeminent researchers of the psychological effects of these two chemicals, Dr. Gideon Nave.


#54 – Cocktails Vs. Consent

Do drunk people perceive themselves as capable of providing sexual consent at that moment? How good are they at evaluating their drinking buddies’ levels of drunkenness and ability to consent? Join Dr. Zhana and Joe for this fascinating discussion with Dr. Michelle Drouin in their first episode of 2019.


#53 – Why You’re Doing It Matters

We all know having sex with our romantic partners is good for our relationship and sexual satisfaction. But WHY you’re doing it can make a difference: Some reasons to have sex are better & healthier than other reasons. Optimizing your intimate life is partly about making sure you’re doing “it” for the right reasons, and not doing it for the wrong reasons.